Blue Carpet Awards Program

Mrs. Capreshia McCall and Ms. Beauty Veney spearheaded the event. Our LLE Champions were recognized for honor roll, perfect attendance, and citizenship. Mrs. Stukes, the principal at LLE, also recognized all faculty and staff for perfect attendance. Congratulations to Capreshia McCall, Cynthia Fields, Jaqueline Helton, Kenyetta Heyward-Banks, Veronica Bradley, Gwendolyn Frederick, Barbara Jackson, Robin Colston, Leroy Wilson, Johnnie Magazine, Charlesena King, and Louise Rogers for Perfect Attendance for the semester!
The guest speaker for our awards program was Author Ka’tetcia  D. Simmons. She is a native of Lee County, and she also attended Lower Lee Elementary as a child. She brought a great message as she reminded our students that they are Champions and champions Train, Practice, and Perform. Our students learned that they should train by doing their homework, practice being a good student, and perform well in class and on assessments, including the state test.