First Week School Assembly

We had a fantastic first week of school. Principal Stukes provided our students with a warm welcome during our very first school assembly. During the assembly, LLE students learned the three most important tasks needed to have a successful school year. These tasks are known as the 3 Rs. Be Ready; Be Respectful; Be Responsible.
Mrs. Stukes also encouraged our students to do the right thing at all times and use kind words daily. She expressed that words may hurt and once they come out of your mouth, you can not put them back in. During the assembly, Mrs. Stukes not only explained the effect of words, but she demonstrated this by squeezing toothpaste from the tube to show how easily harsh words can flow out, but just like toothpaste in a tube, no matter how hard you try, it can not be put back into the tube. We want our students to understand that kindness is the key to prevent bullying.
Finally, Mrs. Stukes reminded our students of The Little Engine that Could as she challenged LLE students to have a growth mindset this year by working harder to be smarter.