LCSD’s PAC announces Spoken Word contest winners

The winners of Lee County School District’s (LCSD) Parent Advisory Council’s (PAC) inaugural Spoken Word Competition are as follows: First Place – Taylor Lewis (5th Grade), “Food for Thought”; Second Place – Jayden Davis (2nd Grade), “Never Give Up”; and Third Place – Sherwin Carter (2nd Grade) My Life. Each of the winners were students of Dennis Elementary School.

Other participants included: Te’Zjon Benbow (2nd Grade – “Being the Best Me”); Briston Elmore (1st Grade – “Angry No More”); Kerri Elmore (5th Grade – “Nature is My Home”); and Krishon Peeples (2nd Grade – “Food ‘n Thangs”) all of Dennis Elementary School. Gloria Scott was a parent contestant and Sylvia Scott, LCSD board member also participated.

The theme was “Food for Thought: Mind, Body, Soul” and was intended to provoke reflection on how a holistic approach at education or nearly anything in life yields positive outcomes. The PAC is a function of Title I and consists of a network of parents, educators and community leaders whose sole purpose is to undergird parental education efforts, often in the most unconventional ways.

The competition is one of those ways. The entire community is encouraged to participate, fulfilling a pledge of Title I – to engage parents/families, communities and schools to work together for the education and equipping of students to become productive citizens.

First place prize was a $75 gift card; second place was a $50 gift card; and third place a $25 gift card. Each contestant received a certificate of participation.

(L-R:) Lewis, Scott, Carter, Peeples, Davis, K. Elmore, B. Elmore, Benbow